Migrating ayaz.wordpress.com to blog.ayaz.pk

I started blogging almost ten years ago (circa 2004). Every time I look at that stat, I feel overwhelmed. I wrote well before 2004, but didn’t publish most of it, and whatever I did publish on a personal website I maintained got lost when I lost access to that website. Sadly, local copies of my writings which I kept on my first ever laptop, an IBM ThinkPad T20 running Slackware, met with an unfortunate fate when the hard-disk on the laptop crashed beyond repair. Blogger launched in August of 1999, while WordPress appeared first in May of 2003, neither of which were popular then. In mid of 2004, I signed up on Blogger, and started writing on my blog there. This was my first ever blog.

In March of 2006, while ranting about the government’s decision to block Blogger, I wrote my final post saying goodbye to blogger and moved to WordPress.

There, I stayed the next almost seven years, blogging regularly on every topic under the belt I could care to write on.

Today, I am writing to tell you that I’ve moved from WordPress’s hosted platform to my very own personal website. My blog will now live at:


You won’t need to change a thing in order to continue reading what I write. The ayaz.wordpress.com address for my blog, which you have been using, will continue to exist. However, now, it will obsequiously forward you to my new address, blog.ayaz.pk. For the most part, you won’t feel it. If you read my blog through feed readers, or if you were kind enough to subscribe to be notified via email of my blog posts, you won’t have to change anything. Whatever you have set-up, it will continue to work as is.

I’m grateful to you for reading my writings. I’m thankful to have you as my reader. I hope to continue to write for a long time to come, and my wish is only that I succeed in writing what would bring pleasure and enjoyment for you.

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